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How do I use my Wishlist?
How do I use my Wishlist?
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We have an exciting new feature which allows you to save your favorite products to your own customized Wishlist!

How to View Your Wishlist

To access your Wishlist, simply navigate to My Account, and then click on My Wishlist.

How to Add a Product to Your Wishlist

To add a product to your Wishlist, simply hover over the product image and click the heart if you are viewing all products:

Or, if you are viewing an individual product, simply click the Heart next to Add to wishlist below the Add to cart button.

You can also remove the same product by simply clicking the Heart icon again.

How to Remove a Product from Your Wishlist

If you would like to remove a product from your Wishlist from the Wishlist page, simply click the Remove button.

Is the Product on My Wishlist in Stock?

If a product on your Wishlist is in stock, you will be able to click the Add to Cart button to add this product to your cart.

If your product is out of stock, the Status will simply say Out of Stock.

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