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What's the difference between the payment methods?
What's the difference between the payment methods?
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If you use Interac Money Request to pay directly at checkout, you don't have to provide your order number because the payment is automatically linked to your order.

However, if you choose to send a Manual E-Transfer, it's important to include the order number with your payment to link it to your order. If you accidentally send a payment without the order number, please inform us immediately. Please don't contact the Blitz email address.

If you haven't received confirmation that your order has been placed, please wait until you reach the confirmation page or receive a confirmation email before making a payment.

It is not necessary for you to get in touch with us when you have completed your payment. You will automatically receive a notification once we have processed your payment.

IMPORTANT: If there are any issues with your payment, such as sending a manual payment without including the order number, sending payment to the wrong email, or sending the wrong amount, it may cause a delay in your delivery or shipment. Please make sure to follow all payment instructions to receive your delivery as soon as possible.

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