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What if I don't like a product?
What if I don't like a product?
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At Xpress Grass, we get that everyone has their own unique tastes and opinions. So, we're totally open to hearing any feedback you might have about our products! Plus, you can score some points just by leaving a Product Review.

In cases of a Defective Product, find out how to Request a Refund.

Defective Product

A defective product is when something is wrong with an item that stops it from working properly or makes it unsafe for use. Defects can happen during manufacturing, design, or even when it gets shipped. Physical damage, missing parts, wrong assembly, non-working components, or other issues can all be signs of a defective product. When a product is defective, it doesn't meet the normal standards of quality and functionality.

Product Not to One's Liking

On the flip side, if a product just isn't your cup of tea, it means you don't personally like or enjoy it, even if it doesn't have any defects or functional problems. This can be attributed to taste, preference, or personal feelings. It might have to do with how it looks, its features, how it performs, the colour, or any other subjective aspect that doesn't match what you want or expect.

Please note: If a product isn't to your liking, we can't offer compensation. However, we're always happy to suggest some personalized product recommendations that might be more up your alley!

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